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Manufacturing Agency

Easily and quickly connect with the finest contract manufacturing companies in the nutrition and cosmetics industries across the European Union.


These ISO-certified companies provide top-quality products (food supplements and sports nutrition in capsules and protein powder) at affordable prices.


New herbal products add to your services

By incorporating new herbal extracts into your food supplement production, you can offer your customers unique and innovative products that support their health and wellness goals.


And when those extracts are produced by an eco-friendly company using gentle processing methods, you can feel good about the positive impact your business is having on both your customers and the planet.

Discover the latest trends in the food supplement industry with our guide to incorporating new herbal extracts into your product line.


From improving overall health to targeting specific ailments, explore the benefits and potential of these natural ingredients for your business.

Herbal oils

Discover the power of nature with our new herbal products

Contract manufacturing deal
Food suppleent capsules

Food Supplement

Hard capsules,softgels, tablets, powders, liquids and gelsbars, gummies
protein cocktail

Sport Nutrition

Prtotein powders, pre-workout, post-workout, BCAA, energy gel, fat burners, vitamins & minerals
skincare cream


Skincare creams: night, anti-aging, sunscreens, masks, cleansers, shower gel, shampoo

Health Product

Syrups, Gels, Probiotics, Omega, Essential oils, vital mushrooms, special foods, dietary supplements
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