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Raw material selection

We can recommend reliable suppliers and select the necessary raw materials in short term

raw materials selection


We can find the ingredients you need

packaging design


We can provide label or packaging design services for all our clients

jars nad bottles recommendation


We can advise you on where to find the packaging you need

partnership in delivery


You can choose any delivery terms according to Incoterms

loose tablets (bulk)


You can order the production of capsules/tablets in bulk with all the necessary documents

documents contract manufacturing


We can recommend trusted companies for registration in the necessary EU countries

meeting and presentation

How it works?

Throughout the process of managing orders for contract manufacturing, we have often found ourselves helping our clients with various tasks, from choosing or sourcing necessary ingredients and packaging to organizing the transportation of the manufactured products.

Additionally, we understand that clients may require additional documentation after the sale of the products, and we provide this support as well.

Our accumulated experience allows us to offer these services separately from contract manufacturing. In each case, the cost of the service is negotiated separately depending on the complexity of the task.


However, we can assure you that these prices will be comfortable for you, as will the overall quality of our cooperation.

Request detailed info

We start to work together from a small simple talk

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