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Price and conditions

We are negotiating your requirements and determining the optimal balance of price, specifications, and timelines



Composition and quantity of ingredients in accordance with your requirements

contract manufacturing leadtime


Obtaining the best production timeline and optimizing it for efficiency



Updating and informing about the order status throughout the manufacturing process (may take 3-6 weeks)

contract packaging


Selection of primary and secondary packaging, its size, and the quantity in the group

contract manufacturing deal


Providing the best price and payment conditions in accordance with your preferences

food supplements quality


Product quality check and confirmation of the results with the necessary documents

food supplements labeling


Approval of the label design in accordance with your requirements, typography, and legal regulations

contract manufacturing documents


We provide the preparation and verification of all necessary documentation

food supplemetns delivery


Preparation of the product and necessary documents for shipment to the required destinations

How it works?

As a service agency working with a vast array of contract manufacturers, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of solutions. Through long-standing partnerships with a wide network of qualified manufacturers, we are able to provide an extensive selection of manufacturing options to suit any need.

One of the benefits of partnering with us is that you will have direct contracts with the manufacturers themselves. This means that you can have a direct relationship with the manufacturer, and we do not act as a middleman or charge any additional commission. But we will serve you as a partner. 

The manufacturer pays us for the quality of service we provide to you, as well as for reducing their advertising costs and saving time in communication. However, if you wish to compensate us for the quality of our collaboration, we are more than happy to support you in this endeavor.

Contract manufacturing cooperation

Why we are best?

We serve customers from different countries and industries. We are well-versed in your needs, but we communicate with each client individually to avoid clichés and to understand your needs correctly. At the same time, we process and manage dozens of contractual production orders per month, so we are well aware of the capabilities of our contract manufacturing partners.

best contractor

If you have any specific requests that we have not had before, we are excited to take on this challenge to satisfy all participants in a Win-Win principle. We like the automatization of our processes, but leave room for flexibility in managing your order for greater value.

Request detailed info

We start to work together from a small simple talk

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