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Symptoms of spring vitamin deficiency and what vitamins to take to strengthen immunity

According to the Association of Clinical Immunologists, 8% to 15% of the world’s population has immune system disorders. It’s no coincidence that immunity becomes a hot topic as spring arrives. The change of seasons brings a need for renewed energy and vitality, especially since our metabolic rate decreases, vitamin and mineral reserves become depleted, and resistance to infections weakens.

 Treatment of influenza
Treatment of influenza

Signs of Vitamin Deficiency (Avitaminosis):

·         Frequent Colds: A weakened immune system leads to more frequent infections.

·         Dry and Irritated Skin: Adequate vitamins are essential for healthy skin.

·         General Fatigue and Muscle Weakness: Vitamins play a role in energy production.

·         Lethargy and Sleepiness: Proper vitamin intake affects overall vitality.

·         Reduced Immunity: Vitamins are crucial for immune function.

·         Brittle Hair and Hair Loss: Vitamin deficiencies impact hair health.

·         Irritability and Lack of Focus: Vitamins influence nervous system function.

Remember that vitamin deficiency varies individually, so paying attention to your body and responding to changes is crucial. Special attention should be given to pregnant women, the elderly, and children. Spring-specific diets and vitamin-rich supplements can help address avitaminosis.
Healthy people
Healthy people

Essential Vitamins for Spring:

·         Vitamin D and Calcium: Strengthen bones.

·         Vitamin A: Supports vision acuity and youthful skin.

·         Vitamin K: Essential for blood clotting.

·         Vitamin C: Prevents infections and inflammation.

·         Vitamin E: Slows aging processes and aids in hormone synthesis.

·         Vitamin D: Enhances calcium and phosphorus absorption.

·         Vitamin H (Biotin): Prevents hair loss and regulates metabolism.

However, vitamins should only be taken after consulting with a doctor. Overdosing on vitamins can have serious consequences. Vitamins are an essential dietary factor. They are necessary for the body not only due to their energy value but also because they regulate chemical reactions in the body. Doctors emphasize the importance of not only taking vitamins D and C but also others. There are at least 20 essential vitamins.

Vitamins are needed daily in our diet. Without vitamins and minerals, the body functions poorly and becomes susceptible to various diseases and pathologies.

Minerals are also crucial for our body. There are over 70 chemical elements in the human body. They are essential components of the skeleton, biological fluids, and play a role in transmitting nerve impulses.

*Remember that taking care of your immune system is necessary at all times, not just during specific seasons. This will help you combat various illnesses and infections.

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