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Which collagen is the most effective to take

Collagen is an indispensable component for maintaining the beauty, health and youth of the skin and hair. It is added to the formulas of antiaging creams, lipsticks, shampoos, used in beauty procedures for rejuvenation. What is its uniqueness and why are collagen reserves in the body so important? Let's try to understand these questions in more detail.

What is collagen and why should you take it?

Collagen is a fibrillar (filamentous) protein. In another way, it is called a glycoprotein. This substance is produced in the body, it is necessary for health and normal functioning of various systems and organs. The word "collagen" comes from the Greek "kolla", which literally means "glue". Indeed, glycoprotein molecules, like glue, connect the cells of tissues and organs together.


Fibrillar protein is a framework for internal organs, the basis of connective tissue, an important component of blood vessels and even teeth. Glycoprotein is responsible for:

  • elasticity of the dermis;

  • joint mobility;

  • normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels;

  • beauty of the skin, hair.

The synthesis of fibrillar protein is carried out in the body constantly. By the age of 20-25, as a rule, the amount produced in fibroblasts is enough for the body. These are special dermis cells that produce glycoprotein. Over time, the synthesis decreases. This is manifested by the appearance of wrinkles, a decrease in the turgor of the epidermis.

Also, due to a lack of collagen, pain in the joints, creaking in the knees, spine is noted.

The production of fibrillar protein decreases as a result of age-related changes that occur in the body. However, there are other factors that can accelerate these processes:

  • unbalanced diet (with a pronounced deficiency of proteins of animal origin);

  • sleep disturbance;

  • being in a state of chronic stress;

  • abuse of sunbathing, solarium;

  • immune and hormonal diseases.

Approximately by 50-60 years, the synthesis of the necessary amount of fibrillar protein is reduced by half. This leads to the fragility of blood vessels, rapid fatigue, and the appearance of deep wrinkles.

It is possible to postpone the appearance of all the unpleasant consequences listed above. For this, it is necessary to fill the protein deficiency by taking special bio-supplements. Cosmetologists recommend starting taking dietary supplements with glycoprotein after 30 years. Also, at this age, cosmetics containing filamentous protein will be useful.

Types and types of collagen

In total, today scientists have discovered 28 types of fibrillar protein. At the same time, mainly three types are used for treatment and prevention:

  1. Participates in the formation of dermis and intercellular substance. 80-90% of collagen of the first type is in the body. This component is necessary for the health of internal organs, cartilage tissue, cornea of ​​the eyes, teeth, walls of blood vessels and arteries. Due to the lack of protein of the first type, the regeneration of damage to the skin is slow, striae may appear.

  2. The area of ​​responsibility of this type of fibrillar protein is ligaments, connecting cells. The lack leads to the appearance of "age-related" diseases: arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis.

  3. This type of protein supports the structure of muscles and dermis. It is called "collagen of youth". Also, this component affects the health of the tissues of the intestine, uterus, and lungs.

It is important to understand that collagen types I, II, and III are different proteins that should not be taken at the same time. Each type is responsible for certain functions in the human body. Glycoprotein can be of different types:

  • Animal origin. The most accessible and studied type of protein today. It is obtained from livestock products by processing cartilage, hides, tendons of cattle and veins of poultry. The advantages of supplements of this type are quick and easy assimilation, affordable price.

  • Marine (fish). Obtained from the bones of sea creatures. Its molecules are as similar as possible to the protein that is synthesized in the human body. It has good digestibility. The process of obtaining marine collagen is more expensive, so the price is higher.

  • Vegetable. Previously, there was an opinion that glycoprotein is produced only in cells of animal origin, but recent studies have proven otherwise. Today, vegetable protein is obtained from cereals. In terms of price, such bio-additives are the most expensive.

Each type of glycoprotein will be useful in its own way. Fibrillar protein of animal origin is best suited for joints, bone tissue, and cartilage. For the beauty of the skin and hair, choose marine collagen. The plant version is absorbed a little worse than the previous two types. This option is preferred by vegans and vegetarians, for whom other varieties are unacceptable.


Collagen - which form is better to choose

You can buy supplements in different forms:

  • In the form of powder - the most budget option. It must be diluted with water before use. Absorption begins after about 30 minutes.

  • In tablets, vitamin and mineral additives are usually added to the composition of tablets in addition to amino acids. As a rule, in this format, the dosage is higher than in capsules.

  • Drinking is the most easily digestible option. The convenience of protein in this form - no additional preparation is required. It is absorbed immediately after taking.

  • The capsules have a convenient format that allows you to clearly control the dosage.

  • In the form of chewing lozenges - an option for those who prefer dietary supplements with flavor additives.

Supplements with collagen contain a wide list of amino acids indispensable for the human body. Taking such dietary supplements can provide a sufficient amount of collagen, which has a positive effect on health, well-being and appearance:

  • the turgor of the epidermis improves;

  • a healthy blush appears;

  • skin elasticity increases;

  • the bone system is strengthened;

  • muscle mass increases (during classes in the gym);

  • the activity of the cardiovascular system is restored;

  • blood pressure normalizes;

  • metabolism increases;

  • restoration of the epidermis at the cellular level is noted;

  • there is a decrease in weight;

  • the quality of sleep improves significantly.

The most important advantage of nutritional supplements with fibrillar protein is that the drugs slow down the aging process. Collagen fibers can be considered a framework that holds the tissues of the epidermis. Thanks to a sufficient amount of this protein, the skin looks tight, elastic, and young. In the presence of microdamages on the skin, scratches, bruises, collagen promotes faster healing.

How to choose collagen for skin and hair

Glycoprotein is a protein with a complex formula. For its production, it is important to follow a balanced and at the same time varied diet. Include in the menu:

  • bone broths;

  • beef meat products;

  • gelatin;

  • pumpkin seeds;

  • avocado;

  • eggs;

  • nuts;

  • legumes;

  • seafood;

  • leafy vegetables with green pigment;

  • citrus fruits.

It is also important to consume a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits. They do not have collagen, but they contain vitamins, without which the production of own fibrillar protein will be difficult.

If you want to enrich your diet with collagen in order to improve the appearance of the skin and improve the health of the epidermis, pay attention to bio-supplements with glycoprotein I, III type. It is these proteins that are responsible for the production of their own collagen fibers in the fibroblasts of the dermis. Dietary supplements based on protein are especially indicated in the case of active weight loss, when fat deposits are rapidly lost, and the epidermis needs elasticity to tighten.


We choose collagen for joints

In order to improve the condition of tendons and joints, a sufficient amount of type II collagen is necessary. During the reception, the condition of bone tissue improves, ligaments are strengthened. Marine protein is best. It has a number of advantages:

  • neutral taste qualities;

  • there is a rapid decrease in pain sensations in the joints after the start of the reception;

  • the strength of bone tissue increases;

  • the condition of the cartilage improves;

  • regeneration in bone tissue increases after fractures and other injuries.

Collagen of the second type is especially indicated for the elderly, it will be useful for athletes during intensive training. Doctors recommend dietary supplements with glycoproteins in the following cases:

  • Arthritis. As research shows, after eliminating the deficiency of protein fibers, inflammatory processes and pain sensations decrease.

  • Osteoporosis. With age, bones become thinner and become prone to injuries. By taking biological supplements, you can significantly reduce health risks and improve your well-being.

  • Tendon damage. These are fibrous tissues with the help of which muscles are attached to bone tissue. Collagen strengthens the entire musculoskeletal system, has a positive effect on the condition of the tendons.

  • To strengthen hair and nails. After the course, shedding is noticeably reduced, hair follicles are strengthened, nails stop peeling and breaking.

  • For the prevention of cellulite. Taking dietary supplements with collagen for 6 months leads to an improvement in the condition of the skin.

It is important to note that for maximum effectiveness, collagen for bones should be taken separately from supplements for hair and skin. Simultaneous intake of proteins of different types can lead to an incorrect ratio of peptides and amino acids, so the desired health effect will not be achieved.

How to take collagen correctly? Indications and contraindications

Taking collagen supplements should be started half an hour before meals. For the maximum effect of dietary supplements, you need to drink them twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. The daily norm is 2.5-5 g of collagen. At the same time, it is important to additionally receive vitamin C. This is necessary to stimulate the synthesis of one's own collagen and to protect tissues from oxidative stress. The course is 2-3 months. After that, you need to take a break of the same length of time.

Collagen supplements are considered safe and suitable for most people. However, those who suffer from various allergies should be careful with glycoproteins obtained from eggs, cow's milk, soy, and seafood. If the composition contains ingredients capable of provoking an allergic reaction, it is advisable to choose a safer analogue.

People who have kidney and liver diseases need to take dietary supplements with collagen with caution. When an increased amount of protein enters the body, the main load falls on these organs, which can worsen their condition.


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